MLA Portfolio Company TritonWear Brings Affordable AI-powered Analytics to All Swimmers

Olympians globally have trusted TritonWear for years to deliver results – now every athlete can use these same tools, every day.

Toronto, Ontario, (May 29, 2019) – Swimmers across the globe gain access to a new generation of training tools today, thanks to the collaboration of TritonWear, dozens of National Federations, and thousands of athletes training with TritonWear daily. TritonWear has been working closely with elite teams like Swimming Canada, Swimming Australia, and the France Swimming Federation for the past few years, to understand how they optimize the performance of the best athletes in the world.

Co-Founder and CEO, Tristan Lehari says “Elite level teams are able to accomplish so much with their athletes because they have access to armies of sports scientists that other teams just don’t have. At TritonWear we’re changing that, bringing these capabilities to the everyday athlete in a very affordable way, through easy-to-use technology.”

Today TritonWear releases the Triton 2, its fully re-invented hardware, along with re-designed software and a new set of AI-based auto-coaching tools. Co-Founder and COO, Darius Gai states “Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, TritonWear now not only captures the data but also diagnoses weaknesses and provides the actionable insights coaches and swimmers need to swim faster.”

John Atkinson, National High Performance Director of Swimming Canada has been using TritonWear with his Olympic team for the past 18 months to prepare for Tokyo 2020. He states “TritonWear has enabled our team to not only visualize our challenges but identify how to overcome them, it has been instrumental in our progress toward our 2020 goals.”

Alain Bernard, 4-time Olympic Medalist and World Champion turned coach in Antibes, France, has been using TritonWear with his swimmers for several years. Alain adds, “my swimmers and I have come to rely on TritonWear to help improve performance in both training and races. It’s been incredible to watch this tool explode across all of France, and I’m excited to see how it impacts our performance on the international stage, and how much further TritonWear can help us go as they continue to innovate in the sport.”

Knowing its first generation solution solved for collecting data at scale, TritonWear set out to address the challenge of utilizing vast amounts of data to improve. Lehari noted, “there are a lot of tools that tell you what you are doing, but none offer context on if that is good or bad, how you compare to your peers, and what you need to do to beat them.” Today’s release marks the beginning of this journey, with new dashboards to visualize individual performance against the entire swimming community globally, or narrow in on age or speed categories. Swimmers and coaches now have the ability to pinpoint exactly where they need to focus to improve faster than their competitors.

Analytics is the future of the sport. If you’re not embracing it, you’re risking getting left behind. Visit to learn more about how this announcement will change the face of swimming, and get yours for the introductory price of $149 per year per athlete.

About Triton

Wear TritonWear is the world’s most comprehensive swimming analytics platform, bringing elite training tools to the everyday team. With a sleek wearable device that tucks comfortably into a swimmers cap, TritonWear captures and relays 13+ data points in real time to a mobile device on deck. AI-driven tools analyze the data to highlight the most lucrative opportunities for each athlete to focus on to swim faster. Motion Analysis uses video and acceleration data together for skill assessments, to pinpoint movements that can lead to breakthrough performance.

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