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Submit an online application to be considered for investment, mentorship, and support. If we believe that the opportunity may be a good fit, we will invite you for a 30-minute informal, introductory ‘Office Hours’ meeting with a few of our members. This will be an opportunity to seek mentoring, feedback and pitch for funding. The Office Hours Meeting is the first step in our screening process for investment from Maple Leaf Angels members.

Submit a simple and free online application to be considered by our screening team

Our screening process:

  1. We assure you that we will review your application carefully. Due to high volumes, we are not able to invite every company that applies to us. We try to select companies that we believe best align with our thesis. This is not to say that we don’t believe you’re destined for success, but that we might not be the right investors for you.
  2. Founders whose companies may be a good fit for MLA are first invited to Office Hours. These weekly meetings are a 30-minute informal, introductory session with the MLA team to seek feedback and pitch for funding. It is the first step in our screening process for Maple Leaf Angels members.
  3. You can expect to receive feedback from us after your meeting. See below for what happens after Office Hours.

Pitching to the MLA membership network

Every month, 4 companies are shortlisted to meet with the Investment Review Committee (IRC). This is a 40-minute deeper dive with the committee to further assess fit.

2 out of 4 companies are selected by the IRC to pitch to the MLA membership network at a monthly Investment Meeting.

Investment Meetings are held every month except the Summer and in December. That being said, there are opportunities to be flexible and fast-track deals on an ad-hoc basis outside of an investment meeting.

Following the investment meeting, the company will have a 2-hour due diligence meeting and thorough review of the data room with interested investors before individual commitments are made.


Being an MLA portfolio company will refocus you on building your business, not constantly raising money. We’ll have you pitch to the Maple Leaf Angels group for follow-on funding when the time is right.


Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely path. Connecting with other founders in the portfolio will help you through all the little challenges that make a big difference.


Need an intro to a potential customer? Access to distribution partners? Locked your keys in the car? We have connections.


You don’t have to make the same mistakes we did. We can assign one of our partners to coach you through every step of your company’s development.

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