Investment decision within 48 hours.

Established in 2014, Maple Leaf Angels 48 Limited Partnership (MLA48) is a limited partnership designed to foster innovation in Ontario by accelerating funding timelines for Ontario’s brightest entrepreneurs while providing diversification for accredited investors.

After successfully investing MLA48 Fund I, the partnership once again turned to it’s members and closed a second fund, MLA48 Fund II.  MLA48 Fund II will consider investing up to $150,000 per company into great early stage startups that have yet to receive seed funding.  Investment decisions will be made in 48 hours.

MLA48 Fund I has successfully invested all of its funds into 4 startups. It made investments up to $60,000 per company into great early stage startups. Investment decisions were made in 48 hours.

We’ve changed the way founders think about raising money in Canada.

“We are looking forward to helping entrepreneurs by streamlining the early stage investment process and providing structured mentoring to investee companies. Helping startups grow is a cornerstone of MLA’s ecosystem presence and this fund will enhance our activities in this area in a substantial way.”

— Brandon Corman, Managing Director

What we look at:

  • Founder Experience
  • Complete Team
  • Market Size
  • Revenue Model
  • Competition
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Current customers
  • Pricing Model
  • Expected Growth Rate
  • Other firms investing
  • Advocates/advisors
  • Potential Exits
  • Business stage
  • Time to Market
  • Funding Requirements
  • Location

What do startups get from the MLA48 program?



Being an MLA48 company will refocus you on building your business, not constantly raising money. We'll have you pitch to the Maple Leaf Angels group for follow-on funding when the time is right.



Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely path. Connecting with other founders in the MLA48 portfolio will help you through all the little challenges that make a big difference. 



Need an intro to a potential customer? Access to distribution partners? Locked your keys in the car?

We have connections.



You don't have to make the same mistakes we did.

We assign one of our partners to coach you through every step of your company's development.


What's the deal?

$120,000 through investment and government grants in exchange for an equity stake 

Think you're ready to pitch? Apply to present to our Investment Committee.



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