Entrepreneurship is Our Passion

Established in 2007, Maple Leaf Angels (MLA) is a not-for-profit membership organization. Our mandate is to connect accredited investors and the brightest, most passionate entrepreneurs in a stream-lined process within the larger entrepreneurial eco-system. 

Maple Leaf Angels’ members are a group of high net worth private individuals who invest in seed and early stage technology companies. While investments are made individually, MLA members enjoy the benefit of best practices and the collective knowledge and networks of the group.

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Our members enjoy:

  • Community of like-minded individuals
  • Networking and professional development
  • Engagement in the entrepreneurial eco-system

To date, our members have:

  • Invested over $27 million in 40+ companies
  • Facilitated $21.5 million in follow-on funding opportunities
  • Participated in 8 succesful exits

Maple Leaf Angels Capital Corporation (MLACC), a subsidiary of MLA, is the general partner for Maple Leaf Angels 48 Fund I Limited Partnership (MLA48), a limited partnership comprised of several MLA members who wanted to invest collectively in seed and early stage companies. MLA48’s objective is to make investment decisions within 48 hours and offer companies coaching and mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to follow-on funding from the Maple Leaf Angels members.

By bringing together investment, experience and a network of partners, MLA enables high potential companies to grow and realize their potential.

Board of Directors

Chris Gilliss - Director

Travis Griffith - Director

Frank Jessop - Director, Treasurer

Nancy Lala - Director

Probal Lala - Director, Chair

Ed Lycklama - Director

Reza Roohi - Director

Doug Wyatt - Director

Mat Goldstein - Observer